5. Will there be any daytime activities?

Of course! Fill your day with awesome activities like the annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament, morning yoga, and the autograph signing. Plus fun new activities ranging from fun poolside games, cook-off contests, and more will be announced! Check them out HERE!… Read More

6. How do I sign up for the activities?

Sign ups vary by activity. Some are open to all while others will have a limited number of participants chosen at random. Head over to check out the activities to see which ones require signing up. Arrive early and enter in your name if you are interested in participating. Read More

11. What is a Carbon Offset?

By purchasing a Carbon Offset you are offsetting the emissions from your personal travel to the event (your carbon footprint). A $15 donation can make a big difference – donate when placing your reservation, through your Cloud 9 Account at any time, or at the event. Read More